Games Accessibility Hub

We are your games accessibility experts

Training & Workshops

Accessibility is first and foremost a matter of corporate culture. Therefore, providing training sessions and workshops to your teams will enhance their knowledge and help them produce accessible experiences for players. We can provide general disability awareness sessions or specific sessions to your game designers.

When can this happen?

Anytime in the life of a game studio.

Consulting & Expertise

When you start working on a new project you may struggle with your accessibility strategy and how to implement it throughout the production. We will assist you in building this strategy and follow the production at your pace to be there when you need it. During the production we can review the game, organize workshops and playtests at key milestones so that we make sure you are going in the right direction.

When can this happen?

From pre-production to every stage of the production.

Accessibility assessment

Reviewing your game give you feedback on the accessibility by design and/or options that have been implemented in production. It can occur at several phases of the development and can target different ingredients such as the control scheme, the UI and the HUD, the gameplay, the cut scenes… everything that constitutes the experience you built.

When can this happen?

During production as well as post-launch if you plan on releasing updates or DLCs.


Nothing about us without us sums it up. No matter how much expertise you put into development, the lived experience of players with disabilities is irreplaceable. This is how you get the most accurate and valuable feedback about the actual accessibility of your game.

When can this happen?

During production ideally, and post-production if you plan for updates.

How we work

  • We sign an MNDA
  • Brief meeting to understand the project
  • We estimate the cost and planing and assign an expert to your project
  • We then sign a contract